Work, that one activity on this planet that every walk of life performs. It can be a CEO of the company working 12 hours a day to save his company’s shares from drowning or it can be a daily labourer working hard to earn daily wages to feed his/her family. Not to forget the house wives and house maids who perform household chores all day to keep the family running. But do we see wellness in this chaos? Do we look out for our own bodies calling out for a 5 minutes break between the meeting to de-stress? Remember, where there is lack of workplace wellness, there is lack of work efficiency.
With the growing needs and demands of several aspects each day we put our best foot forward in achieving success be it meeting deadlines in the office, taking care of the family or in order to improve the quality of life (QOL). To meet all of these, we now need to stop for a minute & THINK! Where do you put your body’s nutritional requirements? What are your priorities towards health & wellness? I am not asking you to be on your toes when it comes to increasing your health quotient but here are a few magical yet basic “unrealised” hacks to practice while working!
  1. Take a stretching break after every 1 hour. Desk job usually creates stiffness in the body so try doing shoulder rotations & wrist rotations. You can also touch your feet to move your spine.
  2. Take the stairs instead of an elevator. This is an old one but it never fails.
  3. Drink water throughout the day. Make sure you don’t forget to hydrate and if you tend to forget then keep a reminder on your phone.
  4. Walk around your desk to give a little mobility to your long rested body. You can go fill up your water bottle or take stroll in the balcony to catch some fresh air.
  5. Do not miss out on the mid meals. To avoid obesity & other medical issues, you need to maintain your weight by eating right & at regular time intervals. Along with the main meals, do slide in 2 mid meals to keep your metabolism up.
  6. Avoid packet foods. Stress at workplace can make you binge on anything and everything you see and sometime you emotionally eat the wrong foods. So keep a fruit & a pack of nuts handy in your bag to get away with the easy available junk.
A positive and conscious effort towards your body and it’s health can make you a better person inside out! Eat well, work well and maintain the right balance in life.

Prachi Shah

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