• Results are subject to vary from person to person and according to the regularity and dietary compliance.
  • All diets are scientifically authentic and are nutritionally adequate with customization according to your body’s need.
  • The first diet will be generated after the full payment of the fees for the full duration.
  •  Not following the diet/asking for more time will amount to a reduction in the number of diets.
  • The duration of the diet will end:
    A] 3 months + 7 days for 3 months package,
    B] 5 months + 7 days for 5 months of the package.
    C] 6 months + 15 days for the 6 months of the package The extra period will be known as a buffer.
  • The buffer days can be used when the client can not follow the diet under the given limit of each package.
  • The client will be provided a start and an end date on which the package will start and end. Not following diets due to any reason will not be entertained.
  • No changes in the duration of the date will be entertained after the generation of the first diet whereas the new package can start after completion of the ongoing package.
  • No refund will be given once the payment is done for any of the packages.
  • For up-gradation of the package, one shall pay the balance amount on the same day to avoid uninterrupted services.
  • In case of medical conditions or any other, days shall be deducted from the buffer.