How It Works – Weight Loss Habits

Learn How To Lose Weight – The Healthy Way

Our programs and consultations are a 360 degree approach towards eating clean, exercise guidance, sleep routine, working hours, mental health practices & building a positive environment for a healthy living. Our consultations are educational & insightful which can help you re-align with your body. It helps you to learn about foods & practices that can benefit you and bring about a healthier change that can sustainably be maintained. We work from Vadodara & Ahmedabad office (for in-person consultations) and are available online globally. Our plans and services are designed in a way that can easily fit in your routine to achieve impactful results with small modifications.

3-Stage Process

3 Stages of Guided Consultation

As soon as we get connected to you, one of our team nutritionists gets on a call to understand your concerns & goals. A brief 10-15 minutes call is conducted to make you understand our working, the kind of programs we offer and a suggestion as to which plan suits you the best.

Enrolment for the program can be done via the website/ at the office from any location you are based at.

Once we have you onboard , you will be contacted by our team member to understand your current routine , health concerns and medical history if any. An in depth nutritional assessment form will be filled by our team to understand the 24 hour dietary recall, the frequency of daily used food items, medical history, medication & supplements if any taken and how your day looks like in terms of work & timings. This lays an insight for us to counsel you better with a practical approach.

A slot will be allocated for the first counselling session according to the availability and suitability of time. This call/offline counselling session is approximately for 30-40 minutes where we discuss the modifications and the reasons behind it for you to follow to reach the desired results.

The diet is then provided within 24-48 hrs of the first counselling session. The diet is curated as per the concerns discussed in the counselling session that includes a wholesome routine from morning to night that the client can follow. The diet plan includes the mentions of every meals with recipes, combinations and portions for a better understanding and execution.

The diet is to be followed weekly/ fortnightly (as per the chosen plan) and follow up calls/ sessions are conducted to check on the progress and customise the next diet accordingly.

Phone, WhatsApp and email support throughout for all your queries will be provided.

Travel diet and eat out guide (as per the plan chosen) will be provided for any work /leisure travels or occasions to attend. The travel diet will be provided as per the information provided by the client (stay, occasion & the food availability). Eat out guide is a detailed PDF that contains all the cuisines and its food options along with portions that the client can use while eating out in restaurants, parties, weddings etc.

An open ended plan in the form of a maintenance diet will be provided with a summary of all that was included during your program with us to help you maintain the best of your health. The maintenance plan will help you maintain your healthy routine that you learn with us. It works as a bible that keeps you on track with a well structured routine and also aids in correcting any binges that you might have in future. It works as a go-to e-book if at all you get stuck in your health journey further on. We love being connected with all our clients post consultation stage as well to keep them motivated in staying healthy & fit.

Terms & Conditions

• All charges applicable are inclusive of taxes.
• Fees are non-refundable and plans are non-transferable to anyone.
• Appointments can be done in-person at Vadodara / Ahmedabad / Mumbai or on video / audio call, so you can consult from anywhere across the globe.
• There might be a waiting period of 1-2 weeks for the first counselling session after the enrolment depending upon the schedule and availability.
• One cannot upgrade the plan till it gets completed totally. Renewals are accepted after the completion of the current plan