Diet | Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Enriched nutrition is one of the keys to a healthy life. You can boost your health by following a well-balanced meal plan.

The working remains the exact same and so will the results. In the plan with our team nutritionists, one of our team nutritionists will consult and interact with you through the duration of the plan. All the meal plans will be supervised by Prachi before they reach you and Prachi will keep supervising your report.

While a plan is chosen with Prachi, she herself will consult and interact with you throughout your plan including the counselling session, follow ups and meal plan curation.

Results vary from person to person as per their body types. We do not guarantee any kind of results. However, if you comply with the guidelines and follow the meal plans as prescribed, you can start observing & feeling the change in the first 14 days.

All our meal plans are customized according to your cultural cuisines and preference and we have plenty of options to fit in. You will be given meal options according to your food preferences, likes & dislikes.

We do provide options in the form of an eat out guide and also customize a travel meal plan according to the place and duration that you shall be travelling so that can be taken care of.

Yes, we work with professionals who juggle between day & night shifts. As per their shift timings, food availability and work schedule, the meal plans are customised. We recommend food options from or near the workplace and we also provide recipes of meals that can be cooked at home and carried along.

Our best selling plan “Crunch In 90” does include a home/gym workout that works on building your strength, stamina, and flexibility. The workout changes every week and can be done at your own space and time.

We have different time slots available for our overseas clients as per their time difference and availability. We have served more than 5000 clients across the globe until now and we always keep a check of availability of ingredients (as per your location) while planning the meal plan for all our overseas clients. So rest assured, we shall accommodate quick options, easily available ingredients according to the place you’re based at.

Crunch In 90 is an advanced plan that provides you with weekly follow ups and weekly diet change. It also includes a home/gym workout routine targeting body toning along with fat loss & muscle gain. Health Pro plan on the other hand include follow ups every 15 days and your diet changes every 15 days. This plan doesn’t include a workout plan.

By the end of your plan with us, you will have enough knowledge, with the right mindset as to know when and how much to indulge and how to carry the habits we have inculcated throughout the duration of the plan with us. We also provide an open ended meal plan as a summary of all your meal plans so you can keep on continuing that to maintain the results.

We do not recommend following a diet or workout alone. Both, the diet and the workout go hand in hand and give you a sustainable result. Moreover, apart from weight loss, it helps with better inch loss, body toning and build lean muscles to promote better fitness levels.