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About Prachi Shah

Founder, Health Habitat Consulting Nutritionist & Clinical Dietitian

Nutritionist to more than thousands and counting, Prachi Shah has been working for over 5 years in the field of nutrition, India. With updated knowledge and her practical approach towards lifestyle & modification has made her the most loved nutritionist by her clients, all over India. Her clientele is from all walks of life ranging from actors, models, producers, fitness trainers, socialites, CEOs, yoga practitioners, architects, builders, media professionals, housewives, pregnant women, kids & teenagers.
She is a ray of hope for everyone who has fallen trap of fad diets and is looking to improve their health and weight loss with the simplest yet magical weight loss programs. She is rooted in Indian foods & practices along with her tremendous knowledge of modern science – reflecting her ideology, “Eat Better, Not Less” through her weight loss programs. Keeping in mind your eating patterns as per your demography & culture, she makes an attempt to reboot you from within and help you reach your fitness goals in a smooth way, through her customised weight loss programs.
Although being a nutritionist, she is a foodie herself, there’s no deprivation in your meal plans and on the plate. She loves curating new recipes and shares with her clients to make them “Eat to Lose”. Her aim is to achieve bigger & better results one step at a time by modifying small & simple lifestyle practices, all over India.
Join Prachi to up your health quotient and learn to fall in love with yourself.

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Weight Loss Packages

Way to Weight Loss

 9,000.00 17,000.00

In stock

To lose those extra kilos and shed the excess weight, Way to weight loss is for you. This plan helps you understand the right way of balanced eating and losing fat. The meal plans are customized as per your food preferences along with combinations that store health and fitness in you. A basic & simple home-cooked meal plan does the magic of weight loss and a happy you.
Weight Booster Packages

Weight Booster/ Weight Gain

 9,000.00 17,000.00

In stock

Weight booster is for underweight people who require to put on a healthy weight and build a better body composition in terms of total body fat percent and muscle mass. Tailor-made meal plans are prescribed to fit their day-to-day routine that improves their lifestyle and their body’s health quotient.

Crunch in 90


In stock

One of our bestselling plans, Crunch in 90 is a transformational 90 days program that works on a weekly basis. Each week calls for a new meal plan and a workout routine to help you speed up your journey to health. It mainly focuses on fat loss and body toning coupled with immunity-boosting, gut health, metabolism, and hormones. A holistic approach towards your health is what this plan aims at. Get started and notice the magic in just 90 days.
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Health Pro

 12,000.00 24,000.00

In stock

Health Pro is for anyone who is looking forward to healing any kind of medical ailments. It could range from cardiovascular, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, IBS, osteoporosis, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, fibrosis, cancer, and likewise. This plan actively looks into your medical reports to arrange back your parameters to a normal range. The recommendation of certain foods is first studied with your medication dosages to have a smooth drug-nutrient interaction. Not to forget the management of symptoms like acidity due to side effects of certain pills. Let’s effortlessly rejuvenate and reverse your conditions.
Diabetic Care Service

Diabetic Care

 12,000.00 24,000.00

In stock

India in the running to become the diabetic capital of the world, Prachi Shah is here to help you with your condition. With a specialization in Diabetes Nutrition, she makes sure that she studies your blood sugar profile and observe it during different times of the day. As per your assessment and blood work, meal plans are customized to fit your medicine or insulin dosage. Keeping in mind a practical way to modify lifestyle, she suggests a number of exciting recipes to not deprive your taste buds. This meal plan helps you to eat at the right hour with the right combination and portion size. Take the first step towards Diabetic Care, a plan that has worked for thousands of my clients.

Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

 12,000.00 24,000.00

In stock

An extensive meal plan that works on hormonal balance, gut health, infertility, irregular menstrual conditions & endometriosis. PCOS is one of the most affected syndromes in women and is increasing at a fast pace. This plan focuses on clean eating and makes you learn the way to manage this condition. It aids in controlling the symptom flare-ups and helps a smooth functioning inside out. Don’t wait if you are diagnosed with PCOS, take action with the right guidance of managing your lifestyle and stress.

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