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Prachi Shah - Top Nutritionist in India for Weight Loss

Clinical Nutritionist - Researcher - Entrepreneur - Food Enthusiast


Nutritionist and Dietitian to more than thousands and counting, I am working as an online & offline nutritionist for over 7 years. With my updated knowledge and my practical approach towards life science and fitness, I am helping clients across the globe achieve better health by building a strong and uncomplicated relationship with food. I see food as information for the body that aids in daily optimal functioning to prevent, treat and reverse any lifestyle or genetic disorders.
My clientele is from all walks of life ranging from actors, models, producers, fitness trainers, socialites, CEOs, yoga practitioners, architects, builders, media professionals, housewives, pregnant women, kids & teenagers.
Consult Prachi Shah to up your health quotient and learn to fall in love with yourself.

Our Plans

We offer sustainable meal plans targeting your health concerns, focusing on improved sleep quality, managing stress and building a positive relationship with food. Browse through our plans to select a suitable one for your health journey with us.

How It Works?

Your body believes what you think, your thought becomes action, Action becomes behavior so keep your Positive attitude alive!.


What Our Clients Say!

Krishna Desai.

At Health Habitat, you won't have to compromise on enjoying your food while on your fitness journey. Prachi and her team ensure that you stay consistent and content with your diet and workout regime, regularly taking feedback to suit your comfort. With their help, I lost almost 20 kgs in 10 months and am now happier and fitter than before. Prachi is not just a friend, but also a mentor whose diets and health tips I refer to daily.

Surbhi Jain.

My journey with you was awesome & you gave me 100% results with better health. I learnt one most important thing is portion control & taking enough protein, I'm glad to have guidance from you

Arpan Desai.

After 3 months, thanks to Prachi's guidance with eating habits and exercise, I saw a transformation and feel so grateful. The Crunch 90 diet plan is highly recommended for weight loss with minimal side effects. Kudos to Prachi for her wonderful guidance!

Vrunda Dave.

My husband's success with Prachi gave me the confidence to try her program. After 3 months, I feel energetic and hardly eat out anymore. Prachi provided many food options for each meal, making it easy to follow. My gut health improved, and I'm no longer anemic. Thank you, Prachi, for this achievement

Ashlesha Deshmukh.

Thank you so much Prachi for your guidance and instilling good habits in my day to day life. I finally reached 59 kgs which makes me so happy.

Valisha Shah.

I lost weight and became healthy in 9 months with Prachi Shah's help. I had health issues like insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, and hypothyroid but they're normal now. With her help, I lost 8 kgs and 7 inches from my hips. My skin has improved too. Thank you for your help!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Enriched nutrition is one of the keys to a healthy life. You can boost your health by following a well-balanced meal plan.

The working remains the exact same and so will the results. In the plan with our team nutritionists, one of our team nutritionists will consult and interact with you through the duration of the plan. All the meal plans will be supervised by Prachi before they reach you and Prachi will keep supervising your report.

While a plan is chosen with Prachi, she herself will consult and interact with you throughout your plan including the counselling session, follow ups and meal plan curation.

Results vary from person to person as per their body types. We do not guarantee any kind of results. However, if you comply with the guidelines and follow the meal plans as prescribed, you can start observing & feeling the change in the first 14 days.

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