Gut Health Diet Plans and Package

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A 15 days intense plan that is design to cleanse and heal your gut.



What to expect?

  • The plan helps in correcting any disturbed gut conditions such as bloating, constipation, irregular bowel movements, gas, acidity, inflammation, leaky gut and likewise.
  • A customised diet that focuses on enhancing the assimilation of nutrients that supports your gut health hence preparing your body for other goals like fat loss, hormonal balance or any medical disorders.


How does it work?

  • We start with our 1st counselling session after enrolment. This session enables us to understand your condition better and counsel you on what modifications are to be made to reach your concerned goals.
  • After the counselling session, a customised diet is planned and sent to you. 1 diet for each week will be provided in a span of 15 days meaning 2 diets in total along with 2 follow ups to check on your progress and concerns.
  • Last follow up call is held to guide as to how to carry forward the routine to maintain a healthy gut.
  • The gut reset plan will include Indian home made recipes, gut healing superfoods and flexible alternatives for a practical approach.
  • This plan also works best on its own and also as a starter plan to other two long term plans (Crunch in 90 & Health pro) that we offer.



2 reviews for Gut Reset

  1. Ashlesha Deshmukh

    Honestly I love the change in my body, my healthy eating habits and I have no complaints about bloating, gassy, specially constipation, migraine and thyroid level is now reversed than I had since last 8 years .I will keep doing it to maintain my weight and keep inspiring other work friends , I feel so amazing about energy, like great energy since I woke up until I go to bed at night, have great stamina and full all the time so can’t even think about other food lol. But it was all great for me so thank you Parthi Doshi (Team Nutritionist) for taking care of my food and cravings . Food options were great and some food being Indian I never tried in my life lol but in my diet I tried everything was in there and I really loved some food specially makhana bhel and mexican black bean salad and oatmeal khichdi was yumm !!, I am fully satisfied with my whole 3 months journey which I never decided before about weight loss but since I joined you guys I am keep losing some lbs every week which motivates me to lose more. And thank you Parthi for being there for me every time and calling me to check on me that everything is okay with diet and exercise. Lastly, I love your work and love you Prachi and Parthi.

  2. Kavya Gelli

    After joining the diet, I became more aware of what I eat. I now read ingredients and pay attention to what I put into my body, resulting in improved gut, skin, and hair health. The entire period was easy as I received instant solutions for any queries and a sustainable diet that I can continue following in the future.

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