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Health Pro is for anyone who is willing to prevent, manage and/or reverse any medical disorder like diabetes mellitus, CVDs, PCOS, Thyroid, IBS etc. Meal plans are well coordinated with your medicine dosage and is planned after thorough examination of blood work.

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What to Expect?

The plan helps in correcting the derangements in your blood work and aims in reducing the medicine dosage. The primary aim is to control these disorders with natural foods, reverse the condition and maintain it with a healthy lifestyle.

A customised diet is planned that focusses on foods, recipes, combinations and portions to manage the specified condition/concern.

A day to day routine is given to you in terms of timings, sleep cycle, superfood consumption, supplements and stress management techniques.

How does it work?

We start with our 1st counselling session after enrolment. This session enables us to understand your condition better and counsel you on what modifications are to be made to reach your concerned goals.

After the counselling session, a customised diet is planned and sent to you. Every diet is to be followed for a span of 15 days after which an in-depth follow up is conducted to check on your progress and concerns. A new meal plan is then sent to follow for next 15 days. This cycle goes on for 3/6 months as per the duration of your plan.

A last follow up is held at the end of the plan to guide as to how to carry forward the routine to maintain your achieved results. A maintenance plan is provided to keep up with your progress.

The meal plans include home made Indian foods along with different cuisines to suit your palette and make healthy eating enjoyable.

FEATURES Health Pro plan Crunch in 90 plan
1st counselling call
Number of meal plans (3 months) 6 12
Number of meal plans (6 months) 12 24
Weekly follow ups and diet change
Fortnightly follow ups and diet change
Workout pdf / videos
What’s app Assistance
Vitamin and Mineral Prescriptions (if required)
Blood Report Evaluation
Eat out guide
Travel diet
Maintenance Diet


1 review for Health Pro

  1. Binita Patel

    Honestly I love the change in my body, my healthy eating habits and I have no complaints about bloating, gassy, specially constipation, migraine and thyroid level is now reversed than I had since last 8 years .I will keep doing it to maintain my weight and keep inspiring other work friends , I feel so amazing about energy, like great energy since I woke up until I go to bed at night, have great stamina and full all the time so can’t even think about other food lol. But it was all great for me so thank you Parthi Doshi (Team Nutritionist) for taking care of my food and cravings . Food options were great and some food being Indian I never tried in my life lol but in my diet I tried everything was in there and I really loved some food specially makhana bhel and mexican black bean salad and oatmeal khichdi was yumm !!, I am fully satisfied with my whole 3 months journey which I never decided before about weight loss but since I joined you guys I am keep losing some lbs every week which motivates me to lose more. And thank you Parthi for being there for me every time and calling me to check on me that everything is okay with diet and exercise. Lastly, I love your work and love you Prachi and Parthi.

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