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After Vaccination Care: Measures for COVID Vaccination (PRE & POST)

With so many researches on Vaccines & it’s an effect, do we really know how it works once it is administered inside our body?

Let’s talk about how the vaccine reacts in the body and its primary role.

Post-COVID Vaccination Care – Measures for PRE and POST Vaccination

When a vaccine is injected into the body, it activates our immune cells majorly T & B cells that fight against the antigens (toxic or foreign substance). The vaccine basically contains the weakened or dead cells of a particular organism (for example n-covid19) that can trigger our immune system within the body. This promotes better immunity (innate & herd) that can protect an individual from a dangerous disease. It also promotes safety among people who cannot be vaccinated due to certain medical conditions like HIV, cancer, etc.

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Now that you have understood the vaccine & it’s working, let’s lookout for measures to be taken after & before -vaccination to cultivate maximum immunity.-

1. Water is one of the most important factors that can keep you hydrated. Being hydrated after and before vaccination helps in better absorption of the vaccine and the contents can work better inside the body in terms of any biological reactions.

2. Sleep is another important aspect as it plays a huge role in building better immunity & overall better wellness. 9-10 hours of sleep before vaccination is a must so that the body is well-rested and responds well with the vaccine. Post-vaccination rest is important too as your immunity dips down and requires enough sleep for recovery.

3. Here’s what you need to cut down: Alcohol & smoking is a big no. These elements can further dehydrate your body and can reduce the positive effects of the vaccine. So avoid alcohol & smoking 4-5 days before and after vaccination.

4. To all the caffeine lovers, please decrease your cups of teas/coffee to just one cup a day as caffeine is also responsible for dehydration and can give you sleepless nights.

Join all of these dots and bring about a lifestyle change that can react well with the vaccine you take. This will promote better herd immunity and will keep you away from any kind of covid infections.

Lastly, no vaccine claims 100% protection therefore, do not forget to follow social distancing & face masks.


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