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Hey there? Were you looking for some magical online weight loss program but landed up here? Well, this might be the answers to all your quests about a healthy lifestyle. 

Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals with Online Weight Loss Program

Hello, I am Prachi Shah, and I am the Founder of Health Habitat Consulting Nutritionist & Clinical Dietitian based in Vadodara.

I have been serving thousands of clients in and across India. I have been working as an online dietitian and nutritionist for more than five years now from actors, models, producers, fitness trainers, socialites, CEOs, yoga practitioners, architects, builders, media professionals, homemakers, pregnant women, kids & teenagers. You name it all, and I have had an experience in imparting my weight loss knowledge to everyone around India. 

My observations and studies have always come to the conclusion that people easily get trapped in fad diets. The reason being that fad diets are a concept of make-believe and works around the notion of getting you slim trim quickly. But, to tell you the truth, healthy life does not work like magic. There is no such wand that you wave and boom, and you are healthy. 

Instead, being healthy is a lifestyle. It is a habit. A habit is anything that you do regularly. So a healthy body and lifestyle come after you give in your 100% dedication with consistency. And this precisely what I pass on to my clients. So I assure their fitness journey starts with complete commitment and utmost consistency.   

Why do we need good health? What is the purpose of a proper diet?

As you see around the entire world is affected by the pandemic. At crucial times like this, there is nothing more important than one’s health. In order to achieve your health goals, you need to implement a healthy eating habit. Unfortunately, there is a myth around people when they hear the word ‘diet’, and they tend to think that it would demand them to sacrifice their favourite food. But with Prachi Shah, the weight loss dietitian, and expert, you do not need to do anything much! My idealogy lies in “Eat Better, Not Less.” 

Eating healthy food

Here are some ten top advantages of eating healthy:

  1. A healthy heart and brain.
  2. Reduced risks of numerous diseases.
  3. It is always a good mood when you good food.
  4. You stamina increases
  5. Great metabolism
  6. Improved memory
  7. You can lose and maintain your weight as you want if you eat the required calories.
  8. You get strong bones and teeth
  9. You get a peaceful sleep
  10. No mental health issues too! 

If you are seeking a simple yet effective online weight loss program in India, then I am just a call and a DM away. I will be holding various online sessions with you regarding your diet plans. We will have a discussion about your daily food intake, your eating habits, your activity time. Collecting all the data will help me design the best-personalized diet plan for you. 

How to get your personalized online weight loss program plan?

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to my website:
  2. Go to ‘Our Plans’.
  3. There you can view all the plans that we have.
  4. Select your plan.
  5. Add it to the cart.
  6. Enter to purchase.

Our Plans

If you would like to be in regular touch with me, you can follow me on my social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp). I post easy tips and tricks every day for weight loss management, healthy eating, and a balanced diet. Thank you for reading up till here. Have a happy and healthy day!

Prachi Shah

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