PCOS, the new age viral. Yes, read that title again and you will find that other than weight loss we have many health issues to look after. Ask your mother, your grandmother a simple question; in their early 20’s or 40’s did they suffer from anything called as PCOS??
Did they have anything better than world’s best “gajjar ka halwa” made with fresh carrots in winters? And anytime did they not go open that door instead of telling their maid to do so? While getting the answers you will only find that simple habits or following a rule of simple living and high thinking made them age so gracefully, kept them healthy while enjoying their lives.

Eating for PCOS: Foods to Eat and Avoid

Eating those fancy chocolates and not choosing that “gajjar ka halwa” being made with lots of happiness by your mother, loaded with nutrients and help you eat the vegetable in the nicest and tastiest form possible is always a better choice instead of choosing the chocolate you think is richer, darker and healthier.
Ok so talking about PCOS, above all, it is the simplest health condition which one can reverse easily. The only key rule which needs to be taken care of is “modify your lifestyle” and keep it simple just like your ancestors, trust me PCOS shall never come to you.
It is a health condition in women where there are cysts being developed in the ovaries which affects the menstrual cycle, makes you gain weight suddenly, and ruins your skin and hair health.
But as you read above that PCOS can be managed and reversed by following simple steps in your daily routine like sleeping and waking up on time, move more instead of surfing internet and asking google on how we can battle PCOS and improve our health. Women need to exercise and get away with a sedentary life. Exercise could be anything like yoga, pilates, zumba, bollywood dance or hitting the gym. Exercise makes you balance your hormonal levels and makes you feel more energetic.

Now what about your eating habits?

Keep an eye on what you eat. Quit junk and have home cooked meals. Eat home cooked meals without a doubt and cover all the five main nutrients in each meal. It might sound a bit boring but thats how eating home foods cure PCOS. Yes, your traditional cuisines not only do justice to your DNA but helps you recover every disease in a better way. Instead of ordering junk foods from delivery apps which assure you quick deliveries has the fastest effect on the body as well that can catch up on infections. Hence, be smart and eat that rich “gajjar ka halwa” , daal chawal with ghee, bhindi and palak paneer made at your home and it will take off PCOS and help reversing it.

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