A modern epidemic and a confusing term for many of you. Diabesity is something I wanted to write about from a very long time. It is a condition I see every day in lot of people randomly on the roads, in my office, in my neighborhood, and obviously in the waiting queues of the restaurants.
Being a specialist in Diabetes Nutrition, I urge everybody to start modifying their lifestyles and getting back to basics from where we grew from which helps, prevents & cures conditions like “Diabesity”.
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Now let me dig deeper into what exactly Diabesity is. In simple equation
Diabesity = Diabetes + Obesity. The most common factor that leads you towards having diabetes in your body is OBESITY. Increased weight, high total body fat percent and most importantly “central obesity” i.e. abdominal obesity (high waist to hip ratio) are dangerous factors in inviting diabetes to our body.
Now that you know the simple meaning of what diabesity is, let me elaborate on the science behind it. When a body has higher amounts of fat percent than what ideally should be present, the working of that body falls down subsequently. The cell functioning slows down, the hormonal levels go haywire and the body starts to feel lethargic. All of these chemical reactions in the body alters the optimum functioning and creates metabolic disorders like diabetes.
Obesity being the primary concern, it affects the body in many segments. Firstly, it deteriorates the effect of insulin on the cells commonly known as “insulin sensitivity”. Secondly, an increased visceral fat percentage i.e. fat in the abdomen increases the rate of inflammation in the body and links one condition to the other. For example, when diabetes is not managed well, it leads to multiple complications of the kidney, eyes, and brain. And lastly, the heavy body finds it difficult to move more and carry out intense exercise to shed those extra kilos in turn affecting the glucose metabolism and fat loss.
These are just the immediate causes of diabesity to write a few. This blog can go endless with how high fat in the body affects the mechanism and alter the optimum functioning.
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