Nutrition, a term around which my whole life revolves. Being a dietitian I am continuously asked about my routine and rituals. How much water I drink, do I consume ghee, or do I cheat are the most common questions I address.
The answer to which are very simple and basic as I have been taught in my college days. But the obstacle comes in when my clients ask me “how do I follow this my whole life?”
Well, you don’t need a diet to follow for good health. Diet plan is just a routine on a paper that helps you build a lifestyle. A lifestyle that incorporates all the positive aspects of modifying and leading a healthy pathway. A document that makes you stick to a comprehensive timeline that your body can adapt and make it an everyday “to-do” program. Following a diet for minimum of three months makes your brain strong enough to stick to a fixed regime. For example, we brush our teeth first thing in the morning because we were taught to do so. It has become a morning ritual for the rest of our lives. Similarly, incorporating a glass of water on waking up is a habit that a diet can place it in your life.
The more you follow a habit, your brain cells retains it for a longer run.
Now here is my daily routine, what I eat and how I exercise to keep up with the optimal health.
On rising, I have water which helps my bowel motion and flushes out the toxins of my body. Later I indulge in wholesome breakfast like vegetable upma, oats, smoothies etc. I make it a point to eat mindfully with peace.
Later I snack on mixed nuts in the mid morning. I carry them in my purse so I can snack on them wherever I go.
Then comes my lunch time which consists of dal chawal with ghee. I cannot do with my veggies as I love savouring the seasonal harvest.
Evenings are very critical with peaking hunger pangs so I love having a mug of steaming green tea with a bowl of mixed fruits. If I crave something salty, I grab a boiled potato or beetroot.
Dinners are pretty simple & basic like bajra roti with brinjal bharta or khichadi kadhi. I do not consume anything post 9pm but before going to bed I make sure I have either ginger tea or a glass of water to hydrate well for the next 8 hours of sleep.
Being a foodie, I was always on the higher side on the weighing scale. Bread, butter and cheese used to be my staple meal. After entering in the world of Nutrition, I realised that food is not what your taste buds call for, it’s more about mindful eating and how it impacts your body inside out. To lose those extra kilos and correct the flaws on the skin and hair, I outlined a long yet sustainable lifestyle modification which included a balanced food plate along with regular physical activity, be it hitting the gym, swimming or playing a sport.
In the plethora of fad diets and fears, my voice is out loud urging everyone to use local and whole foods which can be incorporated easily in your day-to-day lives for lasting results.
A whisk of traditional Indian foods and the principles of modern food sciences reflects my aim of a healthy mind, body and soul.

Prachi Shah

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