Indian khichadi

Do you only turn to khichadi when your stomach in upset? That’s what we have learnt growing up, right?

Be it gut issues, fever, cold & cough, khichadi is our go to meal with a nice garnish of ghee on top & a dollop of curd. And within a few hours you start feeling the difference and the energy building up.

Wondering how can this boring dish bring you so much benefits? Let’s talk about khichadi – my most favourite dish everrrrr..

Imagine if khichadi can bring you back from illness, what all can it do when you are perfectly functioning fine!!

Benefits of Eating Khichadi – Is Khichdi Healthy

Here are some surprising health benefits of khichadi that makes it a great meal to eat even when you’re well.

  1. Khichadi is Loaded with wholesome goodness, It is not just a mixture of rice and lentils but a source of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, calcium, dietary fibres, magnesium, potassium, and phosphorus.
  2. Khichadi is Easy to digest as it does not consist of strong spices, Khichadi is always easy on the stomach and intestines, making it an ideal meal.
  3. Khichadi is gluten free so people trying to avoid gluten can go for Khichadi, since rice does not have any gluten in it nor do lentils.
  4. Veg pulav fried riceIt helps in detoxifying your body. During a cleanse, the metabolism slows down and the digestive strength weakens, so any food you eat must be very easy to digest.
  5. Khichadi is part of the Tridoshic routine as it happens to be a part of the Ayurvedic diet because of its ability to balance all three doshas ā€“ Vatta, Pitta, and Kapha. Apart from calming the digestive system along with detoxifying it, the ingredients in khichadi improves energy, immunity, and digestion.
  6. And here’s a secret for all the vegetarians who feel they’re always low on proteins, khichadi – being a mix of dal & rice gives you the perfect amino acid score and makes it an optimum protein meal.
  7. To accompany the khichadi, having curd/curry/pickle with it makes your good gut bacteria happy. This helps in several aspects such as gut health, skin health, hair health, managing metabolic syndromes and hormones.

So many benefits with just a bowl of so called boring khichadi. Get going and make yourself some yummy lip smacking bowl of this nutritious dish and start to feel the change from within.

PS: you can always play around with the recipe by substituting rice with daliya, adding seasonal vegetables, making palak khichadi etc.

If you are convinced to eat khichadi at least once a week, comment below and let me know šŸ™‚

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