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Dalia or broken wheat is widely known in India for its nutritional benefits & taste. It is one of the great substitutes for rice or other high carbohydrate foods for anyone dealing with type 2 diabetes. Broken wheat’s glycemic index is 41 which is considered low GI and is fit for type 2 Diabetics. This nutritious food has lots of additional benefits and is loaded with a good amount of fiber and helps in Fat Loss.

Dalia for Diabetes

  • DaliaDalia contains fibers as it makes you feel fuller for longer. It also aids in consistency of bowel movements and better gut health.
  • Dalia is a complex carbohydrate food source and as mentioned it has a low GI which is a good option for diabetics looking for better alternative meals, as Dalia contains fewer calories and also doesn’t spike up your blood sugar level.
  • Dalia when cooked with yellow moong dal, it gives the perfect balance to your meals in terms of carbs to protein ratio.
  • It works as an anti-inflammatory food source as it contains betaine, which lowers level of homocysteine which is responsible for chronic inflammation.
  • Dalia contains high potassium content and it helps in controlling diabetes and also hypertension.
  • Eating dalia is a great option for people having diabetes and high cholesterol so it helps in balancing your cholesterol level
  • Dalia being rich in magnesium improves insulin sensitivity

Due to these additional benefits of Dalia, it is considered as a great meal for diabetic people and for ones looking for a healthy fat loss. A bowl of Dalia khichadi with curd would likable make you full until the next meal. Moreover, don’t we all look out for that happy satisfying feeling post meals? That’s what Dalia can do for you!  It is nutritious, healthy, and versatile and it is considered a healthy food alternative for all diabetics.

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