Valisha Shah

My journey of the last 9 months with Prachi were amazing!
I have not just lost weight but also have also become healthier. Before I started working with Prachi I was detected with insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome and hypo-thyroid. All my health problems are behind me now, insulin levels are normal, thyroid levels are almost normal as well! Even though having these problems makes it almost impossible to lose weight, I still managed to lose 8 kgs with her in the last 6 months. One of my other major concerns was my lower body, I had a really heavy lower body and wasn’t ever able to lose it! But with the customised diet plan and home workout I lost 7 inches from my hips!! Prachi gave me a specially curated diet every week having proper proportions, likings, dietary restrictions, gut health (so my skin has become better as well now!) Thank you so much for helping me through this journey, and I cannot feel better about my body than now!!


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