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Simple Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Fat Loss Journey

Fat loss ~ a dream that everyone wants to conquer. Something that everyone looks forward to, be it a healthy body, getting better & fitter every day, a transition from fat to fit or just to improve your lifestyle to eating clean.

There are numerous ways one can achieve fat loss. In this modern world with so many trials & errors stepping in, we have a spread of diet/meal plans that can offer you the best of results. But the time-tested ones have never failed. Simple, convenient home-cooked meals with the correct proportion of nutrients to help you lose weight, get a better body composition and full fill the vitamin & mineral stores in the body are all you need.

However, we sometimes make the silliest of mistakes to bring the scale down. We are so deeply engrossed in reaching the goals that we make major errors that can hurt & harm our body internally. We do not realise it on the outside & most of the time we are unable to observe those signs that your body is sending signals. Here is the list of NOT TO DOs if you are on a Fat Loss Journey!

  • Work out more & eat less: Yes, this will burn more calories compared to calories in, but do you wonder where will the recovery of that intense workout come from ?? If you don’t recover, you do not grow!
  • Obsessively cutting calories: A no-no for a fat loss diet. When I say excess calories will make you put on weight, so will negligible calories do. Do not starve. Eat correct and in the right portion to avoid a drop in your metabolism.
  • Overdoing fast-digesting carbs: if you are a conscious eater, fast-digesting carbs will nowhere be in the picture but if you are casual about your eating habits, please make sure that here the portion and combination both matters. Keep your simple carbs away or just 1-2 times a week.
  • Not eating enough proteins: this one’s my favourite. Avoiding a major food group altogether from your diet like proteins can give you a great number on the scale but it isn’t your fat that drained off. You have compromised your muscles and that’s what is washed out. Be very mindful of what you need to kick out.
  • Not reading food labels: don’t go gaga over gluten-free and vegan foods. Not that they aren’t healthy but have a big eye over the added sugars, sodium & preservatives first.
  • Focusing on too much cardio: people make this mistake quite often when they are stuck with a weight plateau. When we talk about exercise, it not only helps in losing weight but also helps in building muscles, strength, stamina, endurance & recovery. So do not excessively do cardio but focus on the holistic approach.
  • Cutting out an entire food group: Usually fat loss is looked upon as low carb & a low-fat diet. Moreover, as the trend goes people cut down a whole food group such as zero carbs or zero fat. When we talk about food groups, we talk about what’s required in your body. No matter you being fat or thin, your body requires each and every food group daily for it to function as per its mechanism. To lose the fat, the quantities can be altered but the elimination of these vital foods can lead to deficiency & emptying the body’s nutrition stores.

To lose fat is no rocket science. Keep the calm & positivity in you so that you are never off-track to make such mistakes. Staying healthy is a never-ending journey so don’t dig for goals, but focus on getting better & stronger one day at a time

Prachi Shah

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