Krutesh Shah

Prachi, I thank my stars that I met her by reference of my Wife when I was going through severe Weight gain and diabetes. I had no idea that these Food Habits and lack of proper Diet imbalances would bring various other issues in our body slowly and begin to damage us. The concept of holistic lifestyle approach fell in place after I spoke to her and I had immediately enrolled in her program. It’s more than 2.5 months now and I am super happy that I received what I asked for. She sets the plan based on clients’ needs that features food plan & exercise practices that works wonders gradually. The food plans were great and doable, local and focused on tradition and what brought me more joy was I was allowed to eat everything (As per my liking) in the right proportion. Prachi, she is not only kind and warm and reaches out immediately to all my issues/ difficulties but she is one such person who will have your back at any given point. I liked the process of systematically tracking the clients progress and your frequent reminder keeps one motivated all the time. With a total of 9 kgs weight loss and 3.9 inches lost. I have been taught that it’s not just about the numbers but the whole process of maintaining this is by establishing a healthy relation with food. The best thing during my program was you always kept me informed about the diet and motivated me to gain the knowledge of the food which I am eating instead of following it blindly which most dieticians generally do. I acquired so much knowledge on food, dieting and nutrition. And also liked the idea of inculcating a healthy diet in our lifestyle. My deepest gratitude to Prachi for bringing these holistic changes. I now know that balanced nutrition, discipline and exercise are key factors and with lifestyle changes we can live healthier and a happy life. My first Nutritionist and forever Thank you from bottom of my heart for driving me in this wonderful Journey.


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